WB:SABBY Kamoshidas story about Nhamunda vol2.

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WB:SABBY Kamoshidas story about Nhamunda vol2.

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Här kommer del 2 av Kamaoshidas berättelse ifrån Nhamunda:

Nhamunda and I ー Vol2

When Yamamoto went to Nhamunda , I was waiting for his discus at Manaus coming by boat.
Yamamoto`s selected discus was put into plastic box called "Cassamba" in Brazil. Usually Each box has only 3 discuses if they are adult size .So when he brought 500pcs in one time in discus peak of season, he might bring more than 150 cassambas to Nhamunda by boat.

I expected good discus always , solid red , royal heckle , complete royal with parallel lines, deep red piece , semi royal with complete good shape
I was glad and sad by turns in every arrival of his discus depend on quality of discus Yamamoto sent.
I knew some clients would call me only a day after discus arrived at K2. I might let them know quality of new arrival even they were not so good.
I didn`t want let them down by quality.

Yamamoto was skilled discus selector.
But he could not send perfect discus all the time.
I found no good discus sometimes in his selection.
I knew that it wasn`t his fault.
Discus quality was depending on when where whom and how , It depend on many uncontrolled factors.

While I was exproting discus in K2, I surveyed that what discus was best seller among all K2 discus throughout the season. All K2 guys and Wbsabby`s discus guys believed the best seller discus in K2 might be Tefe Green.
Tefe green was such a popular discus in K2

However, in fact that bestseller discus was Nhamunda discus .It was not tefe green discus.
Deference in sales amount between 2 discus was not small. It`s unexpected fact.

I am thinking now that there was reasons why Nhamunda discus was best seller -

Nhamunda discus is simply beautiful ,It must be the first reason.
I know that none of discus fans in the world never take unbeautiful /unattractive discus.
New comer wild discus sometimes disappeared in very short time.
They disappeared from the market most because they
are not beautiful.

Those disappeared wild discus were not as beautiful as major popular discus mostly. They can not compete with majors then.
"Majors" means tefe spotted green , cuipeua red
nhamunda discus, nhamunda Heckel , Marimari Heckel etc. It`s "natural selection" by discus fans

Another reason was , probably "variety".
Nhamunda area has incredible varieties of discus . Blue color heckle , Solid red , Red color royal , "Heckel Royal" , Heckel cross -
No place other than Nhamunda has so much variety.

When I lived in Manaus , I sometimes visited Wbsabby
in Goiania for group meeting.
I saw many alenquer discus in Wbsabby`s warehouse .
All their discus were "Red Discus ". Cricuara, Paracari, Inanu Jatapu and Cuipeua in that age . Wbsabby`s cuipeua discus were still on the way to be star discus , but not as shining star discus as now.
Just plenty of discus breeders in EU and Japan were begining to ask Wbsabby to supply cuipeua for their cross breeding.

Honestly , to my eyes , nhyamunda red discus in K2`s warehouse seemed more attractive in it looks.
Contrast of blue line and red line
looked rather more clear than alenquer red in Wsbabby.

I didn`t talk Wbasbby guys of such my impression.
Since wbsabby guys believed alenquer discus were the best discus, specially ,cuipeua discus was best red in whole world.

Their believe seemed like a kind of religion conviction .
I kept quiet on my impression under the atmosphere.

I know that there`s no meaning to talk about which discus is better or which one is more beautiful-

May be my impression might be changed if I see some discus in some aquarist`s tank.
But in Wbsabby and K2 warehouse , I saw nhamunda discus was nothing behind famous alenquer "star" discus.

Now cuipeua discus is so popular, it is real "star discus". I know well about it.

At the same time I have some reasons to be still particular in Nhamunda "Red" discus too.

Takafumi Kamoshida
editied by Keisuke Onoda

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